Quiet Night In || Faberry

It had been about a week since Quinn had seen Rachel. When they’d woken up from their nap, Quinn gave Rachel one of her lint rollers, and Rachel left for the theatre. They’d talked a little bit throughout the week, but they hadn’t been able to meet up for another date due to Rachel’s theatre schedule and the fact that Quinn’s latest novel had to be ready for her publishers by Thursday morning. But after a full day of Quinn catching up on her sleep, she and Rachel finally decided to go through with their plans of late night take out, movies, and cuddling at Rachel’s place after she got home from the theatre.

Quinn grabbed a couple of her favorite DVDs before heading over to Rachel’s apartment. She’d never been there before, and she was eager to see how the other girl lived. When she got to the building, Quinn hit the call button for Rachel’s apartment and waited patiently for an answer.